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Pleasure wood Hills 2011


Colchester To Hemsby
Hemsby To Pleasure Wood hills
Write Up By: Christopher Cook 
We all met up at Tollgate at Sainsbury’s around 2:00 We Met Chris Cook, Chris Hutchinson, Ley Sayer, Darrell Wood, Emma Draper, Pat And Brian were all there. We left For Great Yarmouth In convoy we got To hems by at around 5:00 were we found our camping pitch and set up camp. We all decided to go down to the strip where all I can say is lights lights lights and more lights. It was packed with people in the amusements eating and drinking. We decided that we wanted fish and chips from the chippy of the front. So we all got something to eat and sat down outside. It wasn’t cold that night so the youth decided to go down and play in the amusements Ryse was in his element he loved the 2p machines and to think of it I did two lol ? we caught up with brain pat and lee in one of the local pubs where we had a drink and then went to another bar where there was live music the music wasn’t too bad as we knew some of the songs they were singing we decided to have a few drinks and then make our way back to camp Where we hit the hey. 
We woke up and decided we would go back down to the strip for brecky we all had the big breakfast if I remember right Darrell had an apple pie which he didn’t finish lmao ? after breakfast we wondered down to Great Yarmouth were we spent the remainder of the day in the shops and down the sea front. After we made it back we all go Mr bean masks were we were wearing them all the way back to camp that evening we went down to the bar where we was last night and went and had a couple of drinks we decided to wear the Mr Bean masks and dance on the dance floor the locals loved us we was like the next best thing and we was asked to come back next time we visit. We then went back to camp and had something to eat and hit the hay.
The Next day we packed up tent and went to Pleasure wood Hills for the day were we had lots of fun on the rides we went on the bumper cars and the go carts that was a lot of fun we left pleasure wood hills around 5:00 were we made the trip back to Colchester. We had no Car faults this trip. We will hopefully do this again as it was a fun weekend. It was a good way to end the show season. 


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