• Minis Photoshoot

Duxford 2011


Event: Duxford First May 2011
Write Up by: Christopher Hutchingson
Date: 1st May 2011
It was a sunny day and an early start,
Upon arrival we found we had been given the largest pitch of any show we've been to so after lining up facing the path we decided to spread out a bit and call it moden art. 
The cars among the hangers ranged form the simple and common there are two other mini owners clubs were there as well. They range from expencive and rediculas, lowriding pickups and road-leagal race cars.
Wondering around the hangers was quite instructive with many many aviation marvels to behold... and to walk through. In the ground war fair hanger Daren even found a metro he could have used the engine out of amongst the tanks and APC's.  
The demonstration wind tunnel Has a lot of blow...or so Chris Cook told us after putting his head in it.  
The day ended with a quick photo shoot in front of a tank which must have looked funny to people around when we all set up in formation. 
This mini adventure went of without any car trouble so was a rare thing for most of us Here are a few Pics From This Show.