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Southern Mini days 2011


Southern Mini Days 5th, 6th & 7th August 2011
There were two groups going to Southern Mini Days we called them the early Group and the late group. The early group left nice and early from Tollgate In Colchester Pat & Brian, Jim & Julie, Lee & Ryse, Emma & Darrel, Dan Daltry. They left tollgate Without a Hitch at 2:00. The Late Group was Chris Cook & Darren Pygott, Ashley Pygott and David Arnold. We Left Tollgate at 5:00 we didn’t have too much issues with the cars with the exception of Ashley who was complaining that his car wasn’t running right and had to pull over just after the bridge on the M25 we pulled over Chris And David Looking like they knew what was going on lol. Ashley was explaining to Darren what was going on with the car Darren popped the bonnet and took a look under the hood. He noticed that the Breather pipe had welded its self to the heat shield. Unfortunately we didn’t have any spare pipes to put on the car and so re ploughed on and told Ashley we will get to Sothern Mini Days and get a new one. We arrived at Sothern Mini days and found Camp, We Set up the Tents and decided to grab a bite to eat as everyone else had eaten as it was around 7:00. We had a chat and had a couple of drinks with the club in the club tent.
The Next Day we all woke up to the sound of minis we had breakfast and a cup of tea and we went for a look around the show grounds. There were a lot of traders at the show but not as many as last year. We had a look around at all the shiny parts and watched some of the events that was put on in the arena. I believe we all purchased a few parts for our cars and Ashley did get a new Breather Pipe for his Lamergreeni Mini?. Towards the afternoon and the evening we all gathered in the Club tent and had some food and a drink or two. We went down to the club house to see what was going on and saw a few people who dressed up the theme this year was magical some of the outfits was really good. Unfortunately we didn’t dress up this year but who knows for next year. After that we all went back to our club tent and started drinking was a good larph and Colchester Mini Club made some New Friends as we was singing lot of songs and got the other clubs singing and shouting as well. After a wonderful and full evening we all hit the hay. 
The Next Day we all got up we didn’t seem to have a hangover we had some breakfast and went back down to the show grounds. Ashley had decided that he wanted to get a new set of front seats for his car. We had a look around and suddenly we all sow moving bucket seats we all sat down Ashley on his new seats and watched the Events in the main arena we a few events. We watched the Engine thrash that was good as I had dent ever seen an engine get blown up on purpose?. After the engine thrash we all made it back to the club tent were we backed up shop and loaded the tents up into the cars leaving the club tent up so we can all meet up for a drink. Before we packed up the club tent. We put all the minis in a row were Emma took loads of photos of us in front of the cars individually and as a club. 
Overall Southern mini Days 2011 was a great show and its one we will do again. Maybe we will all dress up for the event next year who knows. We all left in convoy and we all got home safely without a nhitch even Ashley Made It home without melting his Breather Pipe.
Here are A few Pictures