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Bridge Farm 2011



Show Name: Bridge Farm
Date: 10th July 2011
Write Up By: Christopher Cook
We met up at tollgate there was around 4 minis (Chris C, Chris H, Darren, Jim And Ash) we followed the sat nav which took us the long way round lol. The trip to Bridge Farm took around an hour. 
When we arrived Chris H had a little problem with his gears which ment he struggled parking his car but with the help of the crew we managed to fix the problem. We parked on the field which was marked out for us and greeted with the owner. 
We took a few pictures and then had a little look around the grounds. Of corce we went straight for the toy shop  where we had a look at the old school toys and had a little play. we then moved into the main building which was full of little trinkets and garden furniture.
Once we had a good look around we went back to the cars had a drink and decided to play a game of Frisbee we soon had some close encounters with the Frisbee going astray and almost hitting the minis.  
We left around 2:00 and headed to Colchester town where we tried to park the minis in such a small gap lol (it didn’t happen) In the end we to minis found different parking spots on the high street, we ended the day at KFC instead of Mc Donald’s. (Was a little change)
Over all it was a good little run out and we had really good weather.
A Few Pics Of The Day...