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Colchester To Great Yarmouth 2011


Event: Colchester To Great Yarmouth
Date: 17th July 2011
Write Up By Darren Pygott
Colchester to Great Yarmouth mini run. As a club we do this every year and its a good little run out. Toby was the first to turn up up at tolgate, and ashley (lambogreeni) was the last tut tut. We left tolgate and made are way down to yarmouth, it was a nice run down with no problems whitch was unusual lol. As a club we had spaces booked for free parking infront of the diner. Even though we only had 4 minis it still drew in the crowds. After we had parked up and chated about the drive down, and Toby nearly getting taken out buy an old dear, in the wrong lane on a roundabout.
We made are way down the sea front for food, after food and on are way back to the tat shops Kayley and Ashley (lambogeeni) found the dance machine OMG how funny, I even found my new car but pat had to help me bump start it tehe.
After playing around and having a laugh we made it to the tat shops thats when the sun came out.
It felt like summer but that did'nt last, it waited untill we was as far away from the minis as we could be. As Pat, Brain and Toby left there umbrellers behind. It rained so we stopped for a cuppa tea. When it had stop raining we started to make are way back to the minis while still looking though the shops. Thats where Pat found Julie a key ring of a pink classic mini.
We made it back to the minis not to wet lol, 
Toby checked his water before the drive back and Ashley (lambogreeni) and Jim (minidragon) tryed to fix his wipers incase it started raining on the way back home. Witch it did and they still dint clear the water from the front window... (Oh well thats minis for you)
The drive back was going all right untill Ashley (lambogreeni) let every one know he was on the red light with the fuel. Why he didn't say before we left so we could have stopped for fuel for him, I will never know. We did make it to a fuel station in the end but only just! 
Apart from that it was a good run back and a good day out with all the minis..
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