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London To Brighton 2011


Mini Run: London To Brighton
Date: 14th & 15th May 2011
Write Up By Lee Sayer 
The morning started well with nearly all of us arriving early apart from Pat and Brian AKA Doris and Knock off who were late as DILLIGAF refused to start but Chris H went to their rescue armed with jumpleads and sticky back plastic. 
We finally left tolgate around 9.50am. By 10.20 Dan was having problems, 10.30 we drove on only 5 minutes. At 10.35 he comp[letely broke down. Having lost his spark, although he never was the birhgtest (sorry Dan). After playing with some lines we got him going again. The rest of the journey along the A12 and M25 were fine with no hold ups and then onto the A2 this was fine aswell. Then the traffic lights started to get the better of us and the convoy got split up.
Dan then in the lead missed the turn we needed so we went round the block to take the corner turn but Dan went into McDonalds car park ( it would seem he can't drive past a Maccy D's without going in) We parked up and waited, Oh nuts we lost 4 mini's from the convoy.
After a few phone calls and a 20 minute wait Pat and Brian were back with us but the other 3 had carried on and agreed to meet us there. We arrived ath Crystal Palace around 12.15pm and all met up again.
So now it was time to set up camp C/W on our new CMC tent, thanks for Julie and me spending hours on the internet and Ebay looking for one. In the end Julie came thumbs up with a big tunnel tent that was big enough for all 23 of us to cuddle up in.
All tents now errected it was time to get the BBQ on the go. Pat and Julie set about cooking while the boys all relaxed, played footie and drank beer lol .
It was a long afternoon as there wasn't a sweet deal to do at Crystal palace, there was no giant TV screen this year and the bus trips into London wern't upto much and very few and far between. But Chris, Ash and CO kept us entertained with some dancing of some kind although I don't think there were any prizes for the best (worst) dancer.
The french crowd also enterntained us with french singing and beer drinking contests. They kindly invited us to join in although we politely declined. In the end we got Darrel to have a go to drink what he thought was 2 bottles of beer in a funnel which once he started gulping the lovely french guys added 3/4 of a beaker of Grants whiskey. After a few loud chants from us all Darrel drunk the lot alothough he did look a little green afterwards.
The evening carried on with lots of banter and singing which was joined in by the mini freakz club. About 8pm we lined the mini's up for the morning run followed by more banter from the mini freakz and us and now joined by a very very drunk Taffy guy called Dave or was it Steve, Fred, John or Harry? We really didn't know what his real name was and neither did he so we all just called him "Taffy Dave" He made numerous phone calls to his wife 'cos he also lost his tent and didn't know what it looked like or what colour it was, we didn't mind 'cos he kept us entertained for well over an hour when he was finally approached by another very drunk "Taffy"
The mini freakz invited us to go for a walk around Crystal Palace the youths went while some of the adults retired for the night. The others waited for their return most in bed by midnight alothough the hardcore youths stayed out with the mini freakz until about 3am.
5am the alarm clock starts ringing and it's time to pack away the camp and prepare for the run. After the breakfast which was cooked by Barry, Chris and Brian we packed away the CMC tent and headed back to the mini's.
At 8.30am the first mini's left Crystal Palace, our convoy got split up again on the grueling run to Brighton. This part of the run if very un-organised with bad road markings and lack of finger boards. An hour and a half later we arrived at Brighton and waited to all group up again only to be separated by the Marshalls in the parking area. Once parked up there was the array of trade stands although not as many as usual. Most of us spent a few quid here and there on bits and pieces to keep our pride and joys on the road.
We left Madeara Drive about 3.45pm to re-fuel and a few flared tempers as Dan took a wrong turn and got a couple of the mini's lost. 10 minutes later we were all rounded up on the Asda forecourt ready for Chris H to take the lead for aleisurley and scenic drive along the coastal roads and on to the A23 followed by a short stop at the services for a toilet and snack stop. We carried on the A23 - M25 and A12 although we had a brieve stop on the M25 for Asah to have his nuts tightened by Graham.
Back at tolgate around 8pm for a Maccy D's supper and then off home. All in all a brilliant weekend. Fun had by all.
Well done CMC for another excellent outing with no major dramas.
Here are Some Photos Taken Over The weekend


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