• Minis Photoshoot

IMM 2009

International Mini meeting Celebrating mini’s 50th birthday.
Crofton Park, next to Longbridge.

Sadly not many members were present at this special event.

The club was only supported by three Minis’. Jim’s Darren’s and Kayley’s.
Plus Geoff’s and Alex’s on the Sunday

The journey up to Birmingham was done to true CMC style with ‘Lil player’ suffering electrical problems, but once sorted, made it there ok, it took much longer than expected.

On arrival Jim entered the campsite via the incorrect entrance and ended up parking on the Mini World stand, sadly this didn’t go down well with them and they had to find another suitable area.

Once the tents had all been set up they decided to wonder around the site and felt like a minority as everywhere they looked there were flags from all over the world.

The stalls were impressive and there were hundreds spread over a vast area.

One of the highlights of the show was a chrome mini designed by David Bowie.

Darren had been looking forward to this event for so long so he could show off his impressive in car light show. There was a large turnout for this event, an amazing 14 mini’s. The arena was totally black, it was like waiting for the Christmas lights to be turned on, but it was well worth it.

All his hard work and determination finally paid off as he was crowned


This was a one off event and was glad they all attended. The best show by far.

Report by: Kayley Pygott