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Bingley Hall 2012


Event Name: Bingley Hall
Report By Lee Sayer
Date 29.01.2012
The morning was an early 6am start with all on time apart from the events organiser and his co driver who went to the wrong meeting place.
we all arrived at bingley hall just north of birmingham about 9.15 am. after bit of a detour because of the a14 road works and brians dodgy sat nav..
we proceeded to the massive queues to get in although some of us were smart enough to to prebook and get fast track entrance although this queue was also quite long it only took 10 minutes to get in. once inside we split up into smaller groups and headed for the auto jumble to find our second hand bargains , where i think dean was the first to get his wallet out and start spending his cash. after the auto jumble we headed off into the main hall where all the trade stands were to buy the much needed bits and pieces for our pride and joys in order to get them ready for the start of the upcoming show season.
i think chris hutchins was the devour of the day spending around £400.00 , although im not convinced as to that was his lunch bill or if it was for the bits for his new mini. 
around 1pm we headed upstairs for for lunch and a nice hot cup of tea. followed by another walk around the trade stands.
around 2.30 pm we all met up apart from chris h and his mate who made an early exit ( he said his mate had to get back home but i reckon chris wanted to get home and play with the new bits and pieces he had brought.) we went outside and fly posted some 200 or so minis with our show flyers before returning back indoors for a much needed hot cup of tea.
we then grabbed a few more last minute bargains before going to the raffle stand where a very nice 1989 mini 30 was the top prize. we all eagerly awaited to see which one of us was going to be driving it home. sadly it wasnt to be .. as a young girl from another club won it although she didnt seem over impressed as she said she already had a mini and couldnt have 2...
we left bingley hall about 4.15pm and after a quick toilet break at the services on the m6 we arrived back at tollgate around 7.15pm and back home with the car unloaded by 8 pm in time for the start of the new topgear series ..
a pleasent way to end a good but long day out.....


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