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CMC Bowling Night 2013

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CMC Bowling Night

Event: Colchester Mini Club Bowling Night.
Written By Darren Pygott

Colchester mini club go bowling once in a while when there is not a lot going on and we all ways have a good time. So booked 3 lanes with a time and date to Tepin in Colchester. Turned up at 7 30pm to start bowling buy 8pm Darrel and Emma was already there waiting when (me) Darren, Kayley and Mark walked in. Harry turn up a little later but not as late as Toby =). Not as many ppl turned up as normal total we had 6 ppl bowling (me) Darren, Kayley, Mark, Darrel, Emma and Toby. Harry was there to watch and take the Michel so ended up only using 1 lane still had a good time and played 2 games. I can’t remember who won or who lost but it was a good night out and I can’t wait for the next Colchester mini club bowling night